How to Clean Waterproof Work Boots [7 Easy Steps]

Work boots are essential for individuals in various industries, providing protection, support, and durability. However, my hard-working fellas always ask how to clean waterproof work boots. Obviously, people want to know easy tricks like ‘how to clean work boots at home’ or ‘how to clean leather work boots with household items.’

Due to harsh working conditions, these rugged shoes get dirty, grimy, and smelly over time. For this purpose, you must have a work boot cleaning kit at home. It’s crucial to clean your waterproof work boots regularly to ensure they remain in top shape and continue providing the utmost comfort and safety.

This comprehensive guide explores seven easy steps on how to clean waterproof work boots fast, ensuring they stay fresh and functional. Additionally, I’ll cover tips for cleaning different types of work boots and discuss some common questions regarding boot care.

[7 Easy Steps] How to Clean Waterproof Work Boots

To keep your feet dry in work boots, it’s important to properly care for them after each use. Cleaning your waterproof work boots doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right approach and having some basic materials at home, including a work boot cleaning kit, you can keep your boots looking new and prolong their lifespan.

Let’s dive into some simple tips to help you effectively clean and care for your waterproof work boots.

1-Prepare your boots for cleaning

Before you begin cleaning, take a moment to remove the laces and any loose debris from your boots. Give them a gentle tap or brush to shake off any excess dirt. This simple step will make the cleaning process much more effective, ensuring your boots are thoroughly cleaned and ready for use.

2-Remove the dust with a cloth or brush

You only need a soft cloth or a brush to clean the dirt and dust from your boots. Pay extra attention to seams, crevices, and stitching; those spots gather dirt more easily. Removing the surface makes the deep cleaning process much more effective and ensures your boots stay in top shape.

3-Clean the inner and outer side of the boots properly

How to clean the inside of leather work boots? Cleaning the inside of your boots is a breeze with a simple solution of mild soap and warm water. Just grab a clean cloth, dampen it, and gently wipe the interior to eliminate sweat, dirt, and unwanted odors. Easy peasy!

Now, for the outer side, you have a couple of options. You can use a specialized boot cleaner if you have one or make your own solution using mild soap and water. Remember to avoid harsh chemicals that could harm the waterproof coating.

4-Allow the boots to air dry

After cleaning your boots, let them air dry in a well-ventilated spot. Avoid using direct heat like heaters or leaving them out in the sun. Too much heat can harm the materials and make the waterproofing less effective. So, letting them dry naturally is the way to go!


5-Use leather conditioner on your leather boots

If you’ve got leather work boots, caring for the leather is super important. After your boots have dried completely, apply a leather conditioner. This helps keep the leather supple and nourished, preventing it from cracking and making your boots last longer.

6-Use waterproof spray

Use a waterproofing spray explicitly made for work boots to keep your boots waterproof. Just follow the instructions from the manufacturer for the best outcome. Remember to regularly apply the waterproof spray to ensure your boots stay protected from water and stains.

7-Dry your boots and then wipe off the excess

Once you’ve treated your boots with the waterproof spray, allow them to dry again. After drying, wipe off any excess spray to prevent a sticky or greasy feel. Your boots are ready for action, and you can enjoy their durability and comfort.

How to clean different types of work boots using different tips

If you want to know how to clean waterproof work boots or how to clean leather work boots with household items. You are at the right place! Many folks don’t know how to maintain their boots properly or what supplies they need.

We’ve all experienced that stubborn mud and dirt clinging to our shoes after outdoor adventures. Sadly, work boots might end up in the trash bin without proper care.

Different work boots require specific cleaning approaches to ensure their longevity and functionality. Let’s explore how to clean various work boot types:

How can I clean leather steel-toe work boots?

Taking care of leather steel-toe work boots is really important to keep them looking great and sturdy. Just use a leather cleaner to remove any stains and gently keep that shiny leather glow. And remember to condition the leather regularly to keep it soft and flexible. It’ll make your boots last even longer!

How can I clean suede steel toe work boots?

Cleaning suede work boots requires a delicate touch. Use a suede brush to remove dirt and stains gently. Avoid using water directly on suede, as it can damage the material. Instead, use a suede-specific cleaner if necessary.

How can I clean stained steel-toe boots?

Got some stubborn stains on your steel-toe boots? No worries! Here’s a simple trick to get them looking clean again. To make a paste, combine some baking soda and water.

To remove stains, spread the paste over the area, wait a few minutes, and then scrub gently with a brush. Once you’re done, wipe away the paste with a damp cloth and let your boots air dry. Easy peasy, right? Your boots will look good as new in no time!

Can you clean boots with soap and water?

Soap and water are effective for cleaning most types of work boots. However, ensure you use mild soap and not excessive water, as excessive moisture can damage certain materials.

Can I wash my steel-toe work boots in a washing machine?

Washing steel-toe work boots in a washing machine is generally not recommended. The agitation and harsh chemicals in the washing machine can damage the boots and compromise their integrity.

Can I wash my waterproof boots in a washing machine?

Washing waterproof boots in a machine can strip away their waterproof coating and cause damage. Handwashing is the safer option for preserving the waterproofing properties.

Can you clean boots with rubbing alcohol?

Do you know what’s handy for cleaning some work boot materials? Rubbing alcohol! It can do the trick, but check what the manufacturer says first. Oh, and a little heads-up: avoid using rubbing alcohol on leather or suede boots. It could dry them out and cause some damage. Better safe than sorry, right?

Can you clean boots with vinegar?

Did you know vinegar is a great natural cleaner for specific work boots? It’s super easy to use! If you are looking for a solution to ‘how to clean the inside of leather work boots.’ Vinegar is the best solution.

Mix equal vinegar and water, grab a cloth or sponge, and gently wipe down your boots. After that, give them a quick rinse with water and let them dry. Voilà! Your boots will look fresh and clean!

Can I clean my boots with baking soda?

Baking soda is an excellent natural deodorizer and cleaner for work boots. It can remove odor and stains, especially on fabric or rubber parts.

How to clean smelly work boots?

Don’t worry about how to clean smelly work boots. Because I am going to tell you some simple steps you can take to freshen them up. Here’s how to clean smelly work boots:

  • Sprinkle baking soda inside the boots and let it sit overnight to absorb odors.
  • Place dryer sheets inside the boots to freshen them up.
  • Use a mixture of vinegar and water to wipe the interior of the boots and kill bacteria causing the smell.
  • Allow the boots to air dry after each use to prevent moisture buildup and odor.
  • Apply foot powder or baking soda on your feet before wearing the boots to reduce foot odor.
  • Use odor-fighting insoles or inserts to keep the boots smelling fresh.
  • Store the boots in a well-ventilated area to prevent trapped odors.


Can you wash waterproof work boots?

Washing waterproof work boots is not recommended as it can compromise their waterproofing properties. Stick to gentle cleaning methods.

Does WD 40 clean boots?

While WD-40 can remove tough stains, it’s not a recommended cleaning solution for regular use on boots.

How do you clean and waterproof leather boots?

Remove stains with a leather cleaner, and then treat the boots with a waterproofing spray made for leather.

How can I clean Wolverine Waterproof Insulated work boots?

If you are worried about how to clean waterproof work boots that are non-other than your favorite Wolverine. Water and a mild detergent, or hand washing with a soft cloth, are the best options for cleaning your Wolverine waterproof insulated work boots. Shampoo should be avoided since it could damage the leather. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your leather boots, too.

How do I make my work boots look new?

Don’t be bothered with the problem of how to clean waterproof boots, especially how to clean work boots at home and make them like new ones. Regular cleaning, conditioning, and applying a waterproofing spray can keep your work boots looking new for longer.

Closing- how to clean waterproof work boots

Ending the discussion on how to clean waterproof work boots, hopefully, you must have become familiar with the fact that they should be cleaned regularly to maintain their effectiveness and durability in wet and muddy environments.

To clean your boots properly, avoid using strong chemicals and air-drying them. Keeping your work boots in good condition will ensure that you get the most use out of them, that you are as comfortable as possible, and that the protection they offer lasts as long as possible.

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